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wind turbine components


The world of wind turbines, is dominated by the horizontal axis wind turbine (experience has imposed this type of wind turbine that offers advantages over vertical axes in terms of wear and maintenance).Here we list only the components for this type of turbine. Without going into a detailed explanation of each component, we specify the general operating mode..


When the wind moves the blades(3), the blades turn, the slow shaft (6), the multiplier(8),the rapid shaft(20) and finally the generator(14). The multiplier is a train of gears, a gearbox which transmits the rotational movement of the slow shaft (6)to the generator's fast shaft(20). A hydraulic unit(4) before the main axlel, is used for the amortization of the system orientation, for the automatic emergency stop system and for the setting of the blade's pitch. Finally, a wind vane / anemometer located on the wind turbine provides the information needed to properly orient the turbine automatically.

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Mini wind turbine:

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wind turbine alternator reversed:

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Distribution of costs of wind turbines:

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