Heliciel describes two main types of screw propellers:

1: screw Propeller turbine for energy recovery, designed to capture the kinetic energy of a fluid, Exemples:

  • wind turbine Wind turbines and windmills are equipped with screw propellers capturing energy from the wind.
  • turbine KaplanThe Kaplan turbine screw propellers type capture the kinetics energy of a stream of water .
  • tidal turbinethe tidal turbines are submerged screw propellers that capture the energy of ocean curren
  • 2:screw Propellers intended to supply energy to the fluid . Exemples:

  • ventilatorFans and ventilators provides energy to the air by increasing its speed or pressure
  • ship propellershelice avion the screw propellers of the aircraft or ship propellers, accelerate the fluid in which they move, the change in the momentum of the air or water generates the propulsive force by reaction on the propeller.
  • axial pumpThe axial flow pumps or fan pump, supply energy by increasing the pressure or the flow velocity
  • index helicielThe screw Propellers and Wings website: Heliciel.com

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    This natural object that is the screw propeller or wing,contains computational difficulties and design, which have to master, designers and engineering offices. Uncontrolled design of screw propellers or wing , may deteriorate the quality of the system created, wasting valuable energy and adversely affect the value of the project.. It would be a shame to stop, our creative energy to this technical obstacle, through lack of calculation method or information on the design of screw propellers and wings. The purpose of this site is to collect and make it affordable, design tools, and calculation for propeller and wingles allowing each to design the propeller or wing, best suited to his project.

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    This website is a support for screw propeller & wing design software: HELICIELhelice heliciel The tools and information provided here are within reach of the non-specialist.. It is understood that the design of aircraft and air transportation systems require mastery, Which is beyond the scope of this site, and remain under the competence, engineers supervised and trained in rules of safety! Hoping Heliciel.com is a useful link between your imagination and your project ...
    The study of screw propellers and wings has many commonalities because the propeller is a rotating wing. It is therefore natural that this website and its calculation software for propeller and wing addresses both propellers wings.

    The level of mathematics required to deepen theories of design screw propeller may be high enough to discourage those, who left the benches of the school long been, or who took more technical paths than theoretical. This is why the purely mathematical aspects and methods of calculations of propellers, will be discussed algebraic methods for mathematicians desiring master them, and more imaged for designers concentrated on the concrete realization of their propeller, wishing only to understand the principles guiding the design of screw propellers.

    A Software design of screw propellers and wings, "HELICIEL", has been developed to enable the rapid design of a propeller based on the parameters of a project specifications.


    Design: propeller, turbine, screw, aerial, marine, turbine, tidal, wind, kaplan, foil, wings, 3D. Discover heliciel software:


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    Screw propellers created by the software "HELICIEL" may be propeller turbine energy recovery, as wind turbines or turbine Kaplan and tidal turbine or ,  propulsion propellers as the aircraft propellers, boat propellers or fans. HELICIEL also allows the design of wings, fins or foils.

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