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Propellers Software design screw Calculator boats, aerial, wings, hydrofoils

Propellers calculation propeller design software: The propeller software calculator determine the torque and thrust performances of of the propeller, but also the size and design to the blades of the rotor, for optimum effectiveness..

HELICIELpropeller design software is a software calculator designing propellers and wings for technicians, students and designers, wishing to calculate and realize their propellers or turbines design. 3D geometry of the blades design can be exported in. IGS for prototyping and CAD.


propeller design software HELICIEL Quick Descriptionpropeller design software
The software design of propellers and other wings is suitable for offices mechanical studies and does not require extensive knowledge of fluid mechanics calculations. The software HELICIELpropeller design combines a database of profiles, and a calculator in performance in an ergonomic system 3D. This software for performance calculation and design of propellers, brings together all the elements necessary for self taught design of propellers. With HELICIEL softwarepropeller design , the calculation of Propeller (wind turbines, tidal turbines, ships, planes, fans, axial flow pumps ..) is available to technicians and designers who want to create a propeller adapted to their project.

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Hélicielpropeller design allows the design and calculation of performance of all types of propellers:

HELICIEL: wind turbine design software

The difficulties encountered in the design and calculation of performance propellers and wings are mainly from two types::
  1. Collect profile data for propeller blades or wings..(Lift coefficients and drag to the angles of incidence and speed of use) and included in the calculation of the performance of the propeller or wing
  2. Determine the induced velocities deflecting the fluid stream influencing the angle of attack and performance of propellers or wings.
Designers and technicians wishing to include propellers or wings in their projects, rarely have time to deepen the theoretical calculations of propellers,and are not always specialized in fluid mechanics.Calculation software and design Héliciel eliminates these difficulties, may hinder the realization of a project using propellers or wings..

drag and lift towards the 3d model propeller


Bringing together data profiles, and a method for calculating propellers performance in a control interface forms, héliciel achieves a propeller ready to be made very quickly. When the propeller or wing made ​​with heliciel, most suitable for the goal, a drawing of the blade or wing can be edited. The image of each profile describing your blade or wing and specifying the pitch angle, is provided to you,but you can also collect the coordinates of each profile in the scale or standardized form of tables...
A 3D model of the blade or wing in. X (directx) or IGS is used directly by some center CNC machining, and if you have CAD, you can export the blade or wing to the mechanical design software.
Tabs, and tree progression, highlight the organization of design phases propellers or wings proposed by héliciel software ,And allow you to navigate freely between the various implementation phases of the propeller or wing.

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