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propellers wind turbine or wings design stages

Héliciel offers an organization of the propeller design stages, allowing a flexible ergonomic design.The different phases of the design of a propeller can beings defined as: Phases of design, wing or propeller wind turbine

In the software, for propeller and wing calculation heliciel,tabs, and a progression tree, highlight this design organization, but also allow to navigate freely between the different phases of implementation of the propeller or wing.

Phases of design, wing or propeller wind turbine


1:Project specification:

propeller project specification

1.1:Editor fluid: First we select the ambient fluid and temperature using the editor fluid.
About 120 gases or liquids and their data density and viscosity according to the temperature used directly. For air the altitude will be required to adjust the density according to the pressure.

propeller ambient fluid selection

1.2:Choosing the type of study and objective: We continue by selecting the objective of our propeller or wing
4 types of studies and goals are achievable with Heliciel:
  1. Propulsion propellers (boat propellers, propeller aircraft, helicopters propellers ...)
  2. Propellers pressure based on flow (propeller ventilation propellers axial pump ...)
  3. Propellers energy harvesting (aeroengine, wind turbines, tidal turbine , turbine axial Kaplan ...)
  4. Wings and foils (wings, fins, foils, hydrofoils, sails, fins, rudders, rudder, airships, hull ...)

study wind turbine propeller hydrofoil wings

1.3:Operating point:
Fluid velocity (or from the vehicle) and the desired rotational speed (if known, otherwise the optimum speed will be proposed).

propeller Operating point


2 The geometry of the blade or wing:

propeller blade geometry

2.1:Dimensions of the blade::
In the blade dimensions tab, a series of sliders allows you to model the shape of the blade or wing in all its dimensions. (see chords distribution and thickness distribution)

modification and adjustment of the shape of the blades the propeller or wing


2.2:Law of automatic selection of profiles in the database

logiciel calcul heliceHéliciel uses its database performance profiles to choose the optimum profiles, corresponding to the operating conditions and the geometry of your blade or wing.Aerodynamic performance of the propeller blade profiles and Wing

Two laws selections blade profiles or wing are at your disposal: 2.3: Advanced geometric Option:
(Advanced features are optional and the beginner can ignorer)
It is possible to determine the material and the building structure of the blade or wing. These parameters are used to calculate the resistance of the blade elements, and allow you to choose your material construction.
Structure and material of the blade (advanced geometry function):
The blade or wing may be of various structures :

armature propeller blade structure

A material editor allows automatic parametrage resistance data. You can record and add other materials that you know the mechanical characteristics.

propeller blade material selection

Form generatrix (Advanced blade geometry function):

propeller blade profile generatrix position settings

The other function of advanced blade geometry, changes the alignment generatrix profiles propeller blade. This option allows you to generate 3D models of complex shapes.

propeller blade profile generatrix curve and rake settings

The blades of generating curvature is not considered in the calculation of performance and resistance. The blades straight or curved generatrices have the same resistance and performance, as in the blade of curvature actually affects these parameters.


The tab "Optimize" includes optimum speed search functions. The number of blade can be changed and tested. The influence of the number of blades on the rotational speed with the best performance, is thus demonstrated.

influence of the number of blades on the rotation speed offering the best efficiency

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