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You want to build your propeller or turbine? With these tutorials and videos

You only need a few minutes to master the HELICIEL desired function. Your propeller can be achieved by prototyping with IGS 3D format or with 2D drawings of blade profiles.

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how to use software Heliciel

calculating axial fan ventilation fans Open propeller Project
Tutorial building wing or foil Blade or wing frame
Tutorial airship drag and lift or hull drag data base profiles
Tutorial build a wind turbine propeller ducted propeller
Tutorial build a propeller hydro-tidal Propellers or foils cavitation


Project parameters propeller and wing

Tutorial boat propeller design (1) interface colors
Tutorial boat propeller design (2) diameter propeller
Tutorial boat propeller design (3) Chord distribution profiles
Tutorial boat propeller design (4) Distribution blade or wing thickness
Tutorial boat propeller design (5) Edit drawings blades
Tutorial propeller aircraft design (1) function rebuild
Tutorial propeller aircraft design (2) Generatrix blade propeller
  propeller performance curves
tutorial turbine 1/3 Incidence attack angle profiles
tutorial turbine 2/3 Law selection of profiles, propeller or wing
tutorial turbine 3/3 Message boards and information
  Optimization speed rotation and blade number
Tutorial Performance propeller propulsion zero speed advance propeller
  Choice and forcing profile
Updating the optimum twisting of the blade propeller design phases
  Operating point propeller
Starting torque and performance propellers and wind turbines outside the point of design radius blade root
  reverse engineering
Tutorial pitch automatic and manual blade pitch variation multiple analysis
Multirotor UAV propeller development using Mecaflux Heliciel  
Specific functions and Case

pitch and pitch variation

Starting torque wind turbine

Propeller propulsion at zero speed

Off design performance propeller

optimum blade twist

reverse engineering

multiple analysis

List of functions