Pitch variation in heliciel Design: propeller, turbine, screw, aerial, marine, turbine, tidal, wind, kaplan, foil, wings, 3D. Discover heliciel software:
modeling wind turbine blade propellers and wings in 3D
Heliciel allows building 3D blade propeller airplane boat wind turbine fans. The 3D formats produced by Heliciel (IGS) allows the construction of the blades or other CNC rapid prototyping machines (eg stereolithography). Functions for smoothing surfaces optimize surface states and allow the realization of prototype blades of high quality.
Here is a detailed list of the 3D functions of HELICIEL
3D engine propeller héliciel export to 3D format X Export to SolidWorks IGS export formats
3D engine propeller héliciel
Héliciel has its own animated 3D engine lets you view your project in three dimensions and movement.
Aside from the fact that it is nice, the ergonomic interest is real. The concept of elements, of the blade or wing, and profiles is highlighted. The selection of individual blade elements, onto the 3D model of the propeller, allows the user to view the settings for each element. The design of the base profiles and tip of each selected element, Appears beside the window to bring pitch information, and angle of fluid..

3D modeling wind turbine multiblade

The force vectors, torque, drag, lift and resistance are visible to each element.

drag and lift blades propeller 3D software

An analysis of the quality of our blade and forces which apply becomes evident. The different modes (points, wired or full) display offering a vision of profile shapes and their pitch

Propeller 3D wireframe model

An animation of particles passing through the blade is visible.Particle trajectories are programmed according to the induced velocities and give an image of phenomenon. The movement of particles representing the induced velocities is composed: by the induced tangential velocity and axial velocity induced. The induced axial speed is represented by a spin motion, proportional to the intensity of the axial induced velocity calculated.
moving particles

A simulation of a variable blade pitch is accessible directly from the 3D model interface:


The user can select a texture of the blade which best represents the project.
Propeller blade export format. IGS ( Initial Graphics Exchange Specification 5.3)
Heliciel offers the export of the geometry of your blade to igs Format. Entities igs produced are 126 and 128 (spline surfaces and splines). The igs format is the most common format 3d. It is recognized by all CAD CAD systems, by stereolithography machines or other prototyping machines.


Example of export IGS blade spline surface on a CAD system that can read IGS spline area:

3D propeller blade import igs in solidworks


Propeller blade export to SolidWorks
For users of SolidWorks CAD software, here is an example of creating of the blade of propeller with solidworks (same as Fusion 360):
Use / file and export your blade to IGS format Open igs file with solidworks menu:

3D propeller blade import igs in solidworks

The smoothed shape the blade appears, the x axis corresponds to the axis of rotation of the propeller and the y-axis corresponds to the axis of the blade.
For ease of handling and assembly, displaying the origins in the parameter display solidworks
HELICIEL.com produced and directed prototype blades and uses a type of adjustable hub (patented) that we use here . To connect the blade to a hub-type "heliciel" in an assemblywe will create a cylindrical part by extruding a circle from the top plan,up to the imported form of our blade, which will serve as an interface connection between the blade and the hub:


propeller blade assembly in solidworks

To facilitate future blade assembly, we create a sketch, comprising only a building line, coincident with the x-axis.


propeller blade assembly in solidworks


we put a notch coincident with the plane of rotation to allow adjustment of the setting. (The plane of rotation of the propeller is defined by the axis of y and z)

propeller blade assembly in solidworks

a two-part hub will sandwich the cylindrical portion of the blade housing with two holes:

propeller blade assembly in solidworks


Here is an example prototype built by HELICIEL: :

adjustable propeller bladesadjustable propeller blades

For more details on the adjustable mounting hubs "HELICIEL" type (registered) : propeller assembly prototype HELICIEL


Export blade propeller format directx. X
The. X is the standard 3D format DirectX.
The blade can be exported in this format from the File / Export / Format menu ".X". Player file. X is integrated héliciel and allows you to check the result of the export of your propeller or wing blade Format. X

export file Format propeller directx