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Calculation ship screw propeller aircraft and fans turbine propeller calculation: The wind turbines tidal turbines or axial turbines Propeller pitch Methods of calculating propeller
Screw propeller's calculation methods benefited a decisive step forward, when the functioning of the blades was compared with rotating wings. The calculation of the relative velocities and induced, due to rotation, combined with the advance of the fluid is essential to define the twist of the propeller blades. The prediction of performance such as power, lift and torque,relies on mathematical practical tools you will find here (in part) gathered: The aircraft screw propellers , ships propellers , fans or ventilations are propulsion type propellers. The blades using the motor torque to accelerate the fluid and generate thrust by reaction. see:(change of momentum).

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Capture the energy of fluids using screw propellers to turn the fluid motion into energy.The propeller becomes a motor. Capture energy systems like wind turbines , and tidal turbines or axial turbines use the torque generated on their blades to drive generators or pumps machines.

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The pitch is defined in many ways that it is important to distinguish. See: The geometric pitch and effective pitch

The geometric pitch and effective pitch

calculation methods predict performance, efficiency and the shape of blade profiles. HELICIEL logiciel calcul helice et  eolienneis a calculation software all public (because a simple knowledge of basic mechanics, force, torque, power output is sufficient ...) Allowing calculation of screw propellers, turbine helices calculation, and calculation of the wings or hydrofoils.

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Heliciel allows the use of profiles whose performance and forms are stored in a database, to produce a 3D model. The geometric shape of the blades, the number of blades and the rotational speed can be tested to evaluate thrust, torque and efficiency of screw propeller, turbine or wing3D model. . A drawing of blades and profiles can then be edited in 2D or 3D (IGS).