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Edit the database profiles used by Heliciel
It may be useful to manipulate and transform the database profiles used by Heliciel.
Several possibilities for modifying the database available to you according to your needs::
HELICIEL uses the loaded database to select the profiles of your wing or propeller blade. If you want HELICIEL uses a class of profiles(flat underside, symmetrical NACA...) over another, just load another database containing only the desired shapes.

In the "Data File Management" menu of interactive data base HELICIEL, select use another database profiles and select the database downloaded.database profiles


If the loaded database does not contain the default profile of the project, a warning message:

change profiles propeller

prompts you that default profile for your project has been changed.

You can add two databases, increasing the current database with data from another database. The current database can then be saved to be loaded into a future project ...

database profiles


Note the speed of calculation. Mode thickness law imposed heliciel search the database profile whose thickness is closest to that requested..This research takes time proportional to the number of profiles present in the database. It is therefore advisable to work with small databases.

To know everything about the functions of the interactive data base, see: Using aerodynamic and hydrodynamic data base profiles