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Propeller blade or wing structure and matter

understand and master the propeller blade structure and matter:

In the propellers advanced geometric options (Advanced features are optional and the beginner can ignore it), It is possible to determine the matter and the building structure of the propeller blade or wing. These parameters are taken into account in the calculation of mechanic strength of the propeller blade elements

Structure and material of the ropeller blade (Advanced geometry function):

The propeller blade or wing structure can be: :

armature propeller blade structure

A material selector can automatically parameterize strength data. You can save and add other materials which you know the mechanical characteristics.

propellers blade material selection in simulation 3D software Heliciel

You can also create materials with textures of your choice to each element of the blade using Tab 2 blade geometry / advanced options / Elements frame geometry:

propellers blade mechanical resistance in simulation 3D software Heliciel


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