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Propeller blade Generatrix position and wing pitching moment

How to set the propeller blade generatrix position and wing pitching moment:

Lift and drag forces which apply on a wing or propeller blade , generate a torque about the axis X (rotation for a propeller blade or roll to a wing) but also a pivoting torque about the axis Y (pitching) .

propeller blade generatrix position and wing pitching moment

Here we call the pivoting torque about the axis Y, Pitching torque. The pitching moment may be plunging or rearing up.


It is important to control the reactions of our blade or wing by controlling the pitch moment

By positioning the generator profiles from the pivot point ( Y axis ),and to the point of lift, it is possible to control the character of the blade or wing. Héliciel controls the position of the generator of the blade, at tab "2:Blade Geometry/advenced Geometry/shape of blade generator".

Two modes of parameterization of the shape and position of the generator of the blade are available:
  1. Generator straight blade: We'll see for example, four types of setting straight position generator:

pitch moment setting on propeller blade or wing


Propeller blade profiles generatrix on the leading edge

Generatrix on propeller blade trailing edge

Generatrix centered at 50 percent chords of propeller blade profiles

By checking the option of adjusting the generator aligned on the center of lift, pitching moment will be void (or very low)::

adjustment of the center lift on generatrix of the blade or wing

Blade Lift aligned generatrix for zero rearing up moment


curved Generator blades or wings: By selecting " blade Generator curved or conical", You have access to the interface parameterization of curvature and taper generator::

shape of the propeller blade

Generatrix alignment profiles propeller blade

This tool allows you to create 3D models of blades with complex shapes and then export to igs 3D format... Below is a wing generating curve:

moment rearing up wing blade

Warning: Only pitching moments are calculated according to the position and shape of the blade generator.
To subsonic regimes, the performance of drag and lift are not affected by the curvature of Generator,performance and resistance calculated by héliciel are therefore based on a Generator straight. In Héliciel, a blade with straight or curved Generator will have the same flexural strength and performance, so this is an estimate, because in reality, the curvature the blade affects these parameters.