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Set propeller rotation speed

Understand How propeller or turbine rotational speed acts on the propellers and turbines performance:

The propeller rotational speed, with the velocity of the fluid, is a factor determining the operating point of a propeller.It also determines the relative velocities seen by the elements of the blade.

How to change the speed of rotation of the propeller in heliciel?:

Changing the speed of rotation can be made either by dragging the needle counter rotational speed , either by typing directly in the Project data> Operating Point tab :

propeller rotation speed

A search for optimum speed for a given geometry can be executed from the tab "optimize". But for a more complete analysis will be used "multiple analysis" which offers many views of performance and test options.

When the propeller is coupled to an electric motor or a generator,the actual rotational speed of the propeller, which will balance the driving torque, and torque resistant. To determine how fast the system will turn it is simple to carry out a superposition of torque curves depending on the speed of rotation with multiple analysis ..

edition curve Propeller performance depending on the speed of rotation