Ambient fluid, wing or propeller blade
The ambient fluid within which the propeller must be checked from the beginning of the project.

The ambiant fluid of propeller can then be changed at any time. an update of the propeller is of course necessary after a change in the fluid.
To change the ambient fluid click "edit the ambient fluid" to open the editor fluids.
About 120 gases or liquids and their data density and viscosity depending on the temperature, can be used directly. For air the altitude will be required to adjust the density as a function of pressure.

fluide ambiant helice

exemple: In the tab project / "select ambient fluid" open editor fluid and select air at 20 degrees then "use this fluid", and click "Yes" to enter the altitude defining the density::


Imagine that our altitude is 500 meters, enter the value 500 meters:


This updates the fluid density: 1.143KG/m3

air masse