Theory calculation and modeling screw propellers and wings
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heliciel utilse la theorie des élements de pales couplée a la théorie tourbillonnaire

Predictions of performance, such as power, lift and torque, wing or screw propeller is based on mathematical practical tools that you will find assembled here (in part) .


Thank you Sirs for Newton, Reynolds, Bernoulli, Beeckman, Froude, Prandtl Glauert ... and many others who have inspired them even (Descartes Archimedede, Pythagoras, Euclid ... for thinking, taking notes when they were inspired, and have kindly allowed the rest of humanity to read the results of their work.Other bibliographic sources and Internet will respectfully mentioned in detail. Some definitions will be directly consulted on partner sites like: ...


THEORIES common to propellers and wings :


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