Heliciel uses two main types of propellers:

1: Propeller turbine for energy recovery, designed to capture the kinetic energy of a fluid, Exemples:

  • wind turbine Wind turbines and windmills are equipped with propellers capturing energy from the wind.
  • turbine KaplanThe Kaplan turbine propellers type capture the kinetics energy of a stream of water .
  • tidal turbinethe tidal turbines are submerged propellers that capture the energy of ocean curren
  • 2:Propellers intended to supply energy to the fluid . Exemples:

  • ventilatorFans and ventilators provides energy to the air by increasing its speed or pressure
  • ship propellershelice avion the propellers of the aircraft or ship propellers, accelerate the fluid in which they move, the change in the momentum of the air or water generates the propulsive force by reaction on the propeller.
  • axial pumpThe axial flow pumps or fan pump, supply energy by increasing the pressure or the flow velocity
  • Site map of the propellers and wings Heliciel site
    1. Propeller & Wing
          propeller history
          Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics Wings, Blades, Foils
                Aspect ratio blade wing
                Wing hydrofoils and sails
                Database aerodynamic profiles hydrodynamic
                propeller cavitation-hydrofoils
                Tutorial building wing or foil 1/2
                Tutorial building wing or foil 2/2
                boat hulls performance study
                performance airship hull boats underwater
                Losses at blade and wings tip 
                airfoils blade profile
                hydrodynamic resistance advancement
                Apparent speed apparent angle
                boat sails
          propeller Overview
                Overview calculation propeller
                propeller shaft
                propeller geometry
                counterrotating propeller
                variable pitch propeller 
                wind turbine-blade-propeller-tidal
                Propeller pitch
                build propeller
                propeller induced velocity
                Twist pitch propeller blade
          Theories and Methods
                Theories, methods of calculation of propellers and wings
                Bibliography references and documents propeller wind turbines wings
                propeller calculation history 
                rotary-wing propeller-
                River flow measurement
                relations Power Energy Work Flow
                propeller performance
                Theory Froude propeller energy capture
                Froude theory on propellers
                blade Element theory propellers energy capture
                blade Element theory propellers
                theory propeller wings
                Lifting line theory-Prandtl
          prototypes Propellers
                adjustable blade propeller assembly
    2. Propellers propellant
          Performance propeller at zero speed
          boat propeller history
          axial pumps jets hydrojets
          boat propeller
          Tutorial boat propeller design 1
          Tutorial boat propeller design 2
          Tutorial boat propeller design 3
          Tutorial boat propeller design 4
          Tutorial boat propeller design 5
          propeller aircraft 
          Tutorial propeller aircraft design
          Tutorial optimize propeller plane
          propeller plane boat fan
    3. capture enegy turbines
          wind turbine tidal turbine
                wind turbine components
                build wind turbine
                tutorial build wind turbine propeller
                tutorial tidal turbine
                energy, wind turbine
                Wind power wind turbine aero engine
                Wind speed wind turbine power
                pumping wind turbine
                wind turbine manufacturer
                manufacture wind turbine generator
                wind turbine generator
                propeller energy capture
                Tidal turbines
                wind turbine Plan
          hydraulic turbines
                hydraulic turbine 1 bulb propeller kaplan
                hydraulic turbine 2 turbine nozzle
                hydraulic turbine 3 design method
                Tutorial central hydraulic turbine 1
                Tutorial central hydraulic turbine 2
                Tutorial central hydraulic turbine 3
    4. Software turbine propellers wings
          HELICIEL software
          display parameters and propeller wing project
          propeller multiple operating point analysis
          blade or wing frame
          propeller advance
          duct propeller-hull
          blade profile choice
          Color interface design propeller wings
          discovery software interface
          diameter propeller
          blade thickness distribution
          ambient fluid
          generator blade 
          Graphic propeller performance
          propeller turbine wing-3D
          attack angle -profiles
          tidal turbine turbine wind turbine calculation software Heliciel
          Propellers and wings calculation software Heliciel
          software Heliciel details
          Information advice build propeller Message
          Calculation method  heliciel
          propeller profiles selection Methods
          change blade pitch
          Edit the database
          optimization speed rotation propeller blade number
          Open Project wing propeller
          Performance modeling existing propeller
          propeller design phases
          Wind turbine drawing propeller performance
          propeller operating point
          radius at blade root
          Resistance of the wing or propeller blade
          calculation results propeller and wing
          Surface propeller
          type of calculationpropeller or  wings
          use datbase hydrodynamic aerodynamic profiles
          fluid velocity
          propeller rotation speed
          Performance propeller at zero speed
    5. Index
          homepage  Heliciel
    6.videos propellers:
    		Understanding propeller design: propellers model with Heliciel software
    		Understanding propeller design: wind design, wind rotor with Heliciel software
    		Wings design: wing design with Heliciel software
    		Propeller design: contra-rotating propellers modeling with Heliciel software
    		Propeller design: multi-rotor propellers modeling with Heliciel software
    		Propellers videos  tutorials